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Tolani Shittu

Nghề nghiệp: Private Tutor
Working with children and young adults, to improve there English speaking and writing, Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Sở thích: I enjoy baking and manage my own Instagram page where I showcase my custom cakes and film behind the scenes clips to interact with my followers. As an older sister of three boys, I enjoy working with younger children and believe I have a patient, likeable persona. I have developed an interest in hydroponics and sustainable materials in vertical farming, altering my original model, and researching existing plans and schemes. As House Captain in my school, I have organized drama production, sporting, and charity events.

Giáo dục: GCSE English Language
Education, English Language Instruction
GRADE 9 (equivalent to A**)

A level Biology
Technology, Renewable Energy, Research, Environment
Grade A

A level Physics
Renewable Energy, Building and Architecture, Research
Grade A

A level Maths
Technology, Research, Building and Architecture
Grade A

Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Bản ngữ)

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