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Al Wilson

Professiya: Independent Professional (2years)
Finance and Banking
Life and accident insurance sales, property insurance claims adjusting.

Government of Canada (19 years)
Working with departments and agencies focusing on client service, records and information management, and security.

Secretary, Recording Secretary (9years)
Volunteer Secretary for Board of Directors and Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Maraqlar: Not afraid of venturing out, I have been as far as France and Cuba, most Asian countries, and the United States.
I believe in karma and that we are judged by how we treat the least of us. Given the chance, I would prefer to invest in the future than take immediate gratification.
Always interested in ways to help and improve, I am looking forward to meeting students from around the world and learning about different cultures.

Təhsil: Archives Technician
Diploma program with course work in: Records Management, Museums and Libraries, Computers and the Internet.

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli ), fransız (Danışıq Səviyyəsində )

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