Cambly-ni pulsuz sınaqdan keçir. Pulsuz sınaq üçün ödəniş haqqında məlumat lazım deyil.


Professiya: ESL online teacher
English Language Instruction, Teaching, Training and Development, Management
Education of students from a variety of backgrounds whose first language isn't English. My pedagogy involves instructing students on reading, writing and how to converse effectively in a real world environment.

Owner & manager of a construction company
Entrepreneurship, Building and Architecture, Management
Owner & manager of my own building company in UK

Maraqlar: Living in Cambodia in the southeast of Asia for the past 15 months. The things I am passionate about are: playing football, working out, traveling and spending time with my loved ones.

I am patient, understanding and driven to help all my students succeed in their goals!

Təhsil: Civil Engineering and Technology Master's degree
Technology, Building and Architecture
Real world civil engineering projects

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli ), fransız (İlkin )

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