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Professiya: Early Childhood Education Director
Education, Management
Responsible for 120 children from infant to school-age. Worked with educators to continue their development along with implementing an early childhood curriculum.

Maraqlar: I currently live in the United States.I live with my wonderful family, three rescue dogs and four cats. Being able to experience a new culture, new food and meet people from different backgrounds has become a great interest. Through travel, my life perspective has further been expanded and I have been greatly challenged personally by learning a new language and also adapting to new cultures. In addition to my family, pets and traveling, I also enjoy being in nature and working on my personal art projects.

Təhsil: Early Childhood Development Certification
Certification focused a child’s biological and psychological development. Developed operational knowledge regarding management of early childhood development centers.

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli )

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