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Профессия: Homeschool Teacher
Education, English Language Instruction, Internet, Non-profit
I have been homeschooling my own child in subjects such as math, science, health, social studies, and English in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Cambly Teaching
Education, English Language Instruction, Research, Teaching
I have been on Cambly for about three weeks now. I have over 3500 mins and over 150 students that have been with me so far.

Интересы: I enjoy the ability to share my culture and knowledge with others from all around the world. I am a real people person, I'm friendly, compassionate, understanding, and very patient. I enjoy reading about our history and the planet, and I like horror stories and mystery stories.
I enjoy writing novels and have been working on one for about a year now; personal life experiences and the many adventures I have had throughout my years.
I am a full-time mom and I homeschool my own child now for the past four years.
I am Ukrainian and part Russian and Native. I enjoy learning new things and I keep busy with podcasting and doing some home repairs. I am working on my china cabinet; refacing and carving into the wood to create my own personal designs. Making it unique, something to pass down to my children.
Everything I do has heart and soul, I work hard and I like to make sure what I do is done very well.
I like to share the skills that I have gained through years of hard work so that others can achieve great things with what they have learned from me, but better.
I am completing an English Skills Interactive Learning Online Booklet as well for those who are interested in more English Practice. It should be completed by Monday March 13. 2023. Anyone interested in this great English skills practice booklet please reach out to me and ask for a copy. It covers slang words and meanings and all the other important concepts related to Canadian and American English. I also will be starting to tutor offline on Fridays as well. Just ask. Thank you.

Образование: Canadian College
Education, Internet, Writing and Journalism
Studied and completed adult education as well as refreshed all academic cores. English, Math, and Life Skills. English Major.

Grant MacEwan University
English Language Instruction, Education, Internet, Law
Studied English Language and Writing. Pre-Law and Psychology of the Human Mind, Personality Traits in Human Beings, and some core subjects in Internet skills. I also did a refresher course on Adult Education; Introduction to Adult English Skills.

CDI College
Education, Internet, Law
Completed core concepts of computer skills and understanding. I studied Pre- Law but did not complete this term here. Basic Education in Teaching Skills. Completed English Refresher Course.

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)

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