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Emily Parry/ 'TreeWyrm'

Professiya: Administrator
Research, Operations, Education, Non-profit
I entered data into and maintained the database I set up for the small children's outdoor play charity, PlayBradford, who I worked for part time. I occasionally generated statistics. I have also volunteered as a playworker there in the past.

Volunteering with children and parents
Non-profit, Education, Mental Health, Training and Development
I volunteered for the Gateway Community Centre. I became a parent champion and stakeholder on the board of the Parents As Partners In Learning project, and completed Mental Health First Aid training.

Volunteering with the police
Environment, Law
I ran a local Neighbourhood Watch group, part of a larger national scheme supported by UK police forces. I wrote to local counsellors in two boroughs and contacted landowners and the police to action assistance over anti-social behaviour in our area.

Volunteering with an environmental group
Environment, Non-profit, Writing and Journalism, Consulting
I leant my environmental group to a local environmental group (FLEWG) informing a 'Neighbourhood Plan' for Freshford and Limpley Stoke. This included a little writing for sections of a small environmentalist website set up for the local community.

High School Science Technician
I was a science technician at the Holly Lodge High School College of Science, providing and maintaining the sets of practical equipment teachers needed for their classes. I also created posters and health and safety/maintenance maps for our labs.

Maraqlar: I am working from home, and there is a chance of 'cat' in our calls (I have two). I became a TEFL teacher after I discovered my marriage and 22yrs of my life were based on lies. I may not have been the primary victim (court proceedings are ongoing), but I was nevertheless a victim of Domestic Abuse.

I seek to rebuild myself and my life. To my surprise I have discovered that while my multidisciplinary background is of great hinderance in seeking job opportunities in other fields, perhaps in teaching English as a foreign language, it could be an advantage!

I have a broadly 'colonial' accent with just an occasional touch of 'Brummy' as I was born and raised in the county of West Midlands. The accent in Halesowen where I grew up, has ever so slight a Welsh lilt to it, originating from the many Welsh miners that came to work in the area during the UK's Industrial Revolution.

I am 40, of no particular religious persuasion, and have intention to be mindful and respectful to all people whatever their background or representation. I have a passion for science fiction world-building, wisdom in all its forms, and an eclectic taste in music.

My music/art/creative writing pen-name is 'TreeWyrm' or 'Wyrm Horizon' when I have worked with a friend making 'sci-fi music'.

I am frank about my personal life and struggles, because I believe sometimes transparency about such matters can be useful. They may make me more relatable and approachable, but also it helps students understand where they fit in my life's priorities. I also really, really enjoy helping people. That can be important when choosing a tutor, I think.

Təhsil: Ph.D. Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Research, Environment, Technology, Writing and Journalism
I completed a Ph.D. at the University of Bath. I assisted foreign local students occassionally by proof-reading papers and mentored a foreign masters student while she wrote up her dissertation. I occasionally offered help with elocution.

B.Sc. Environmental Science
Environment, English Language Instruction
I completed my B.Sc. at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. I befriended several foreign students and assisted with elocution from time to time. I was a student representative for the first two years, and supported mental health for two students.

A levels/AS level/Food hygeine course
Environment, Medicine, Technology, Research
A level Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
AS General Studies.
Food Hygeine Certificate 2a.
I also attempted an AS in Music in my second year, but that was a bit too much work in combination with my A levels at the time!

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