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전문 분야: Species Conservation Assistant
Writing and Journalism, Government
Helped in the publication of the Implementation Reports for the Multi-Species Action Plans on Species at Risk with the government of Canada. Presented a workshop for classifications system related to conservation actions.

관심 분야: Hi!

I would like to describe myself as a bubbly, energetic, and positive person. I'm here to share the wonderful world of English literacy, and the power it holds to become fluent in it. Share with me the joys of learning historical, psychosocial, and grammatical context within this beautiful language.

- Rinky

학력: Bachelor of Science, Specializing in Biology, Minoring in English
Environment, Education, Government, Writing and Journalism
Studied at the University of Ottawa, graduated in 2022. Worked with Professor Maclean providing a global platform for scientists during the 2020-2022 pandemic. Generated content for the faculty of science at the University of Ottawa.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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