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Professiya: English Teacher
English Language Instruction
I have taught at four different English schools in my career--four in the USA and one in South Korea. I have also taught as a volunteer, giving free classes to students from Afghanistan and Mexico.

Maraqlar: I live in Oklahoma, which is in the center of the USA. This area is famous for buffalo, tornadoes, and the Thunder NBA basketball team. In my life, I have taught at five different English schools, including one school in Incheon, South Korea. I have also done volunteer work teaching students from Afghanistan and Mexico. I am interested in almost any topic you can imagine--literature, architecture, history, technology, science, psychology, culture, politics, religion, art, economics, etc.

Təhsil: Bachelor of Arts in English
English Language Instruction
University of Oklahoma

Advanced Certification
English Language Instruction
American TESOL Institute

CELTA Certification
English Language Instruction
Cambridge University

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli ), ispan (Danışıq Səviyyəsində )

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