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Keith Byne

전문 분야: Director
Education, English Language Instruction, Visual Arts, Technology
I am a company director. The director of studies and I am a teacher of English, a Teacher Trainer in Teaching English, Educational Technology.

English Teacher
English Language Instruction, Technology, Visual Arts, Teaching
I have worked for almost 30 years in various schools in England, France and Spain.

Graphic Designer
Advertising, Visual Arts, Sales, Design
I designed Logos and Corporate Images for many businesses in the UK in the 1980s

관심 분야: Describing yourself in a few words is not easy but I will try. I’m easy-going but thoughtful. Humorous and analytical, light-hearted and careful. Like most teachers I seem to move without effort, like a swan but under the water I am paddling like crazy!
I am an artist, sculptor & writer. A father, brother, son & husband. I can talk intelligently at all levels of society and be comfortable in a company meeting or a rugby club bar.
Above all, I listen….carefully.

학력: BA (hons) Fine Art Sculpture
Visual Arts, Writing and Journalism, Research, Advertising
Bachelors Degree in Fine Art

Trinity TESOL
English Language Instruction
Certificate in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language

Cambridge CELTA
English Language Instruction
Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English Language To Adults

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 스페인어 (유창함)

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