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Megan K

전문 분야: Tumbling Coach
Education, Teaching, Performing Arts
I had the opportunity of working with children as young as 12 months old up to seven years old in the activity of tumbling/gymnastics. I was given techniques and training that allowed me to learn how to effectively communicate with young children.

Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship, Sales
I work with families, couples, and children on a regular basis as a photographer. I have owned my own business for over five years now and thoroughly enjoy every chance I get to talk with new people as I capture special moments in time for them.

Youth Church Leader
Teaching, Non-profit, Education
I have had many chances over the past 15 years in which I was able to work with children ages 12-18 within my church. I have planned lessons as well as activities, coached, and provided a support to many youth as they enter adulthood.

관심 분야: I am born and raised in the United States and absolutely love exploring this beautiful country. From a young age, I have always loved visiting national/state parks, walking through beautiful museums, and continuing my education as I feel we can never attain too much knowledge. I love crafts, photography, watching television, and spending time with my family.

학력: Bachelors Degree
I earned a Bachelors Degree at a university in Utah, USA. My major was in Interior Design with an emphasis in Sales & Marketing.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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