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전문 분야: Broadcaster
A broadcaster on Twitch will share in real time life experiences with their audience from walks through their city or travels to playing video games which is the more popular choice on the platform.

Set up
Hospitality and Tourism
As part of the set crew I worked with event coordinators to help prepare events the way the clients and would relay information received from a client. I've set up for events with a team of sometimes as few as 5 people that seated 10,000 people.

Squad Leader
In the United States Marine Corps I worked as a squad leader through my training. I relayed information from down the chain of command and sought to the needs of my fellow Marines.

관심 분야: A little more about me is I am a follower of Christ, and in my spare time I like learning about fitness, cooking, and play a few online games.

학력: High School Graduate
I graduated in 2015 and took a school pathway to learn business law and entrepreneurship.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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