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Orla Clancy

전문 분야: English Language Consultant, Tutor ABC
English Language Instruction
Teaching English to groups of adults and tutoring children in a one-to-one classroom

Fine Art Painter
Visual Arts
Drawing, sketching and photographing people and landscapes, and later making paintings at home.

Proofreading, editing, translation
Writing and Journalism
Working with translation and PR agencies, reading and checking text for grammatical and other errors, rewriting where necessary, and some occasional copyrighting. Some research also required.

ESOL trainer
English Language Instruction
Helping adult professionals in various industries understand, speak and write English more effectively for their work.

관심 분야: I'm an artist, I like to use drawings in my class. If you can sing, great - songs are fun to use in classrooms, and many of them tell a story. I love stories!

I am very health-conscious and take some form of exercise every day - usually a walk, or a couple of hours working in my garden, or some yoga or pilates when the weather is bad. I love talking about food. I'm a little obsessed.

Like I said before, I love stories. So I love books and reading, films and television series, and going on road trips to interesting places in Ireland. Every place here has a story ....

학력: BA Fine Art
Visual Arts
Studio work, visual research, displines of drawing, painting and printing, as well as critical and contextual studies relating to art developments and history and modern culture.

BA (Arts and Humanities)
Germand and French languages, literature, history and modern culture.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 아일랜드어 (기초 수준), 네덜란드어 (초중급), 독일어 (기초 수준), 프랑스어 (기초 수준)

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