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전문 분야: Founder, EARTHCARE
Environment, Education, Non-profit
Founded an environmental education NGO in 1988, EARTHCARE is an environmental education NGO (non-governmental organization) that works on current environmental issues facing the nation of the Bahamas. Members visit schools.

Account Executive, Marekting & Sales
Advertising, Customer Support, Marketing
Sales & Promotions for Radio and Television. Writing, producing Television and radio programs and commercials.

Legal Assistant
Worked in 2 law firms over 14 years, mainly working on conveyancing.

Production Secretary
Performing Arts
Worked on Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean II & III films. Day to day running of a very busy Production Office, processing work permits, dealing with Workers Comp cases, cell phones, phones, fax lines. Worked with Bahamas Film Commission.

Principal Scientist
Consultant to shrimp farm venture. Supervised construction, trained farm workers, managed shipment, acclimation and grow out of marine shrimp post larvae to marketable product.

Production Coordinator
Performing Arts
Underwater IMAX film, Flight of the Aquanaut, hand carried rushes, handled permit applications,all aspects of production for a film featuring the atmospheric dive suit, NEWTSUIT, released in June 1993. Obtained permission to use endangered species.

Research and Development
Trained Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, Tursiops truncatus for open ocean work. Conducted visitor encounter sessions, worked with film crews. Husbandry: feeding, health maintenance. Dolphin Trainer, Emmy nominated docutainment film, Dolphins, Whales&Us

Research and Development
Supervised sterile unicellular micro-algal culture laboratory. Trained staff. Large scale outdoor production of marine micro-algae, rotifers, brine shrimp for commercial barramundi, mud crab, prawn hatchery in Queensland,Australia.

Research Assistant
Research and Development
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Toxicological studies of the effects of tributyl tin, marine anti-fouling paint additive on clam, oyster larvae funded by the Office of Naval Research.Development of breeding technology rare ornamental fishes.

Research and Development
Live foods culture: rotifers, Artemia, phytoplankton for marine clown fish hatchery. Supervised staff. Grow-out, broodstock and larval maintenance

Commercial harvest of finfish, lobster, studied Bahamian marine ecology. Drove boat for divers breathing from compressor (Third Lung); processed lobster while driving; cooked all meals.

Research and Development
Hydrographic Survey of Fresh Creek, Andros. Diving for and shipment of Queen Conch egg masses for hatchery research. Survey of wild and penned populations of Queen Conch. Organization of First Queen Conch Fisheries & Mariculture Meeting 1981.

관심 분야: I founded an environmental education NGO (non governmental organization) that teaches about environmental issues in 1988. It is called EARTHCARE. I have worked in film, broadcasting and science. I also have Diploma in International Environmental Law from Unitar. I regularly take courses with Cornell University. I have completed Network Climate Action, E-STEM Education. I am a Cornell University Climate Change Fellow. I have a Certificate in Grant Writing for Civil Society and Community Based Organisations from the GEF Small Grants Programme and the University of The Bahamas. I completed Environmental Education: Trans-disciplinary approaches to Addressing Wicked Problems with Cornell University, University of Bristol, University of Wisconsin, Rhodes University, University of Gothenburg. I received the Expert Certificate and was a Community Group Leader. I also received the Expert Certificate and was a Community Leader for Cornell University's Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology. I received my Certificate from National Research Tomsk State University in Biological Diversity (Theories, Measures and Data Sampling Techniques). I received my Bahamas Nature tour Guide Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation and the Bahamas National Trust.

학력: Bachelor of Science, Associate of Science
Environment, Research
1980 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Technology/Aquaculture

1979 Associate of Science in Oceanographic Technology
Florida Institute of Technology

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