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James Morrissey

Nghề nghiệp: Real Madrid C.F Graduate Student
Sports and Athletics
Currently coaching in Madrid, Spain whilst completing postgraduate study and internship with one of the biggest and best clubs in the world!

Sở thích: I've been passionate about leaning and teaching ever since I started my coaching journey 8 years ago.

I truly believe people thrive best when we help others thrive and love seeing my students or athletes grow and develop.

Most notably, I am currently studying MSc Education at the University of Cambridge and my lessons are underpinned by the latest theory and research.

Giáo dục: BSc Sports - University of Bath
Education, Sports and Athletics
Undergraduate Degree where I focused on sports pedagogy (learning and teaching)

MSc Education - University of Cambridge
Current postgraduate study where I am researching how best to use classroom dialogue to maximise learning gains!

Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Bản ngữ)

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