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Teacher Karen

Profession: ESL Teacher/ English Language Arts Teacher
Education, English Language Instruction
My BA degree in English and a Teacher's Certificate, qualifies me to help you, or your child with speaking English as well as any writing assignments. If you need help writing an essay, research paper, or college term paper, I am here to help.

Interests: In addition to teaching English as a 2nd language and English Writing, I also have 23 years experience as a Dance Instructor. I became a Dance Instructor, just a few years after graduating high school, where I received my professional training at a local studio that hired me. After I began college, I continued to pursue my career in the world of dance. I specialize in Social Dance categories such as: Ballroom, Swing, Country, Latin dances (Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Merengue, Cumbia). I also teach some fun Line-Dances. I enjoy finding creative, innovative ways to engage students in stimulating and productive learning experiences. Just as learning a new language opens up a world of opportunity for individuals, being part of the exciting world of dance, has provided me with many opportunities. It has given me the privilege to travel, compete in dance competitions and dance recitals all over the United States by performing with my students.

Whenever opportunities present themselves, I enjoy combining dance with traditional subjects, such as writing, reading, or math and creating dance choreography to go along with curriculum in order to create interdisciplinary lessons. For example, when I was teaching an After School Dance Program, I created an interdisciplinary lesson to teach students the multiplication tables of (8) and combined Math with a style of dance called the Merengue. Merengue is a Latin dance that is performed to an 8-count beat. (need to finish this section). When I taught high school dance, I also delivered interdisciplinary lessons to our dance classes. By combing Reading and studying the lyrics of a song with interpretive dance. In this case, my high school students chose a song they really liked. They read and analyzed the song lyrics. Afterwards, we created lyrical dance choreography to re-tell the story being portrayed in the lyrics of the song through dance movement. This learning activity both challenged my young adult, students, and still allowed them the freedom to be creative and use their imagination.

Education: BA Degree in English Literature
English Language Instruction
I received my Bachelor's degree in English Literature at the University of Arizona in 2007. Afterwards, I earned a Teaching Certificate. I graduated the teaching program with a 4.0 GPA.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Basic)

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