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Alison P. B.

전문 분야: Registered Nurse, now retired.
I worked with adults for many years in hospitals. I have knowledge of medical terminology from working as a nurse.

Instructor of Nursing Assistant Program
I taught adult students in a junior college for 2 years.

Mother of one son and two daughters.
English Language Instruction
I often carefully looked over their written school work to check for needed corrections. I created a teaching program for them to begin to learn the French language. My daughters are both doctors now!

Medical Transcriptionist - at a Boston Medical Clinic, USA
English Language Instruction
Medical Transcriptionist at a busy medical clinic Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Excellent proficiency of the English Language was required to perform this job. The doctors dictated medical information, and I typed it up in clear, and correct English

Instructor of English as a Second Language - Volunteer
English Language Instruction
I worked as an Instructor of English as a Second Language as a volunteer to students at a school in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

강사 경력: I taught medical classes at our local hospital. I taught the 180 hour Nursing Assistant program at our local junior college for two years. I have taught classes about holistic nursing, holistic living, and stress management.

관심 분야: I like meeting people from all over the world. I enjoy hiking in the small mountains where I live. I like kayaking, swimming, and birdwatching. I am interested in holistic health. I speak a moderate amount of French. I like to read and to listen to music. I continue to learn more about how to best use my: iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Keeping fit and healthy is important to me.

학력: Master of Science in Holistic Health, High Honors
The degree program included studies in: holistic healthcare, stress management, health promotion, music therapy, and breath work. Students learned to present our gifts to a diverse world of various faiths, traditions, and spiritual paths.

Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing - Cum Laude (Honors)
In my nursing studies I learned how to promote enhanced health.

International Secretarial Science Program - 1 year, Honors
English Language Instruction
The curriculum included studies in proper written and oral English communication. Classes encompassed an international focus.

Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor
Mental Health
Former: instructor of holistic health and wellness promotion. Now retired.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 프랑스어 (초중급)

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