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Anthony (Business chat)

Profissão: Business coach
I'm a business coach for people running small consultancies, so I'm used to helping people through fears around sales, and how to say things the right way.

Entrepreneurship, Writing and Journalism
I've written over 1000 blog posts and published more than 200 videos on YouTube. I have a good understanding of how to communicate a message, even if the audience is not too familiar with it.

I've also written for more than five IT magazines.

Experiência de ensino: My expertise is within the IT field, but I also have a lot of experience with writing (on non-technical business topics). I've worked at some of Australia's largest banks and am also familiar with small consultancies.

Interesses: In a business setting, it can be hard to know how to speak or write when English is not your native language.

You might be a Project Manager, and you have to present to stakeholders who are in finance, IT or application support.

Or maybe you have to speak to clients or consultants from outside your company. You might have to send them emails, or follow up with them after meetings.
Perhaps you work in logistics, and you want a teacher who understands ETA and POD.

Or you might be in sales or marketing, and you don't want to explain to your teacher what a CRM is.

Or you're working as a project manager with a dev team, and you need someone who understands what Agile methodology means.

I can help.

You want Business English from someone who understands the language of business.

Perhaps you're afraid of looking foolish.

Or you're worried that people will laugh at you.

Or maybe this: when you get asked questions, you get nervous and the words don’t come out.

You find yourself translating from your own language, and you don’t know what to say in English.

The words are in your head, but not coming out.

So, let's talk.

Maybe you want to start THINKING in English, instead of your native language. I can show you some techniques.

I've worked with graduates and marketing and sales people.

Maybe you want to write an email that is professional and gets your message across clearly.

Perhaps you need help understanding what people have said in meetings, on the phone, or in video calls.

Or you might just like to refine your English, because you have lived in an English-speaking country, or because you need to speak and write confidently for your work.

I'm a kind and experienced teacher and writer, and have a lot of experience in many different industries.

I also learnt Spanish, so I know what it's like to learn a new language.

Learn professional & conversational English from an Aussie with lots of business experience.

You may not feel confident speaking English. 😬

Perhaps you want to improve your pronunciation. 🤭

If you want to ask questions about grammar, I can help.

We could read an article together, so you can be more confident about how you sound

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), espanhol (Conversação)

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