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전문 분야: Teaching teachers
I taught dog trainers for twenty years. My most important tools are positive reinforcement and humour.

강사 경력: I've taught children, and adults. As part of my work as an animal professional, I taught other professionals around the world. My students included veterinarians, lawyers, animal behaviourists, trainers, and those involved in animal law enforcement. I taught pet owners in my puppy school and I also ran a humane education programme, where I taught young people aged from 8 - 13 about wildlife, domestic animals, the environment, and kindness.

관심 분야: I love working with animals. I was an animal professional for most of my adult life, working mostly with dogs, cats, and horses. I'm now a writer. I write about conservation issues and animal welfare. I've also started writing my first novel. I've lived in several different countries and love learning about different cultures, especially the food. 🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly.

학력: Psychology and animal behaviour
My academic background is in psychology and animal behaviour. I have a BSc in psychology. I have taught animal behaviour and welfare internationally to veterinarians, law enforcement agencies, local governments, lawyers and animal protection workers.

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