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Nick Dye

전문 분야: My previous profession was Student tutor helping South Korean students prepare (and pass) the US visa interviews

강사 경력: I have many insights into getting a US visa as I have taught multiple courses in South Korea on perfecting interview skills. I also have a degree in Business Administration and I would love to help with Resumes or Cover Letters! Lastly, I am currently in the process of gaining my CELTA certificate so I would love to get as much experience as possible in preparation for my course!

관심 분야: I've traveled to 10 different countries in Europe and 4 different countries in Asia. I love traveling! I enjoy politics, religion, and anything else that is controversial but, I am also okay with just average small talk as well. I have been told I am a very likable person and I always enjoy drinking a beer and talking at the local pub with my foreign friends.

학력: Bachelor of Science Business Administration with Options in International Business and Supply Chain Management at the Oregon State University.

Arthur Stonehill Exchange Certificate for completing my study abroad program at the DHBW University in Mosbach, Germany.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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