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Профессия: Teacher, Writer, and Life Coach

Опыт преподавания: As a teaching artist for the last eight years, I have taught creative writing through creative writing seminars and professional development workshops for educators and other professionals in my community. My focus has been on young people, high school first-year college students. I have been a community-based educator for six years! Working and teaching English curriculums. As an administrator, for two years, I have redesigned schools to make them more equitable for all.

Интересы: Hi friend! I'm a community-based educator and teaching artist. I am creating, prioritizing my mental health by watering my plants doing my makeup, watching reality television shows, cooking great meals, reading, vicariously living through others via Tik Tok and YouTube episodes, random workout videos, or tending to their tortoise 🐢 and cat 😼 I am LGTQIA+ friendly tutor and a feminist.

Образование: TESOL Certification. Transformative Coaching Certification. I also have over 160+ hours of educational professional development from the following universities and organizations: University of Arizona Poetry Center, National Arts Strategies, Harvard University, Arizona Department of Education, University of Arizona College of Education, Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center, KORE Institute, Child and Family Resources, Teach Like a Champion, UA Wildcat Writers, and more!

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)

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