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Professiya: (Canadian Accountant) Entrepreneur - Business Consultant
Real Estate, Sales, Consulting, Finance and Banking
I am an accountant w/ experience in both external and internal audit, capital markets (corporate finance), accounting, & as hotel management & entrepreneurship (owned also a kids' centre), & business consultancy (incl also marketing and social media

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: Literacy Volunteer for young children, mentoring and training colleagues and juniors at work (both in French and English), fitness instructor, art instruction (I owned and ran a children's recreational centre). I also worked in a gatekeeper role for a stock exchange, reviewing and educating clients (French and English) on how to properly achieve going-public objective and appropriate financial reporting measures (daily at-work and specific seminars for a crowd).

Maraqlar: Cooking, Swimming, Karaoke, Egg Art, Traveling and living Abroad (have lived in West Africa, then a tropical island in Belize, and now Mexico)

Təhsil: Canadian CPA auditor, CA
Entrepreneurship, Finance and Banking, Advertising, Law
I have an undergrad degree from the Management School of Business of McGill University (Acctg & Mktg) as well as a top-level Canadian accounting and audit designation

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli ), fransız (Səlis)

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