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Jo Jo Gleave

Professiya: Artist, Online ELS teacher, Open Mic Hostess, Actress.

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: I have over 25 years of experience teaching adults and children in the UK.
I have been teaching online for three years.
I View each person as an individual and tailor my teaching approach to accommodate this. Learning should be fun and productive. Everyone should be given lots of encouragement to continually learn, I view learning as a lifelong process which should always be fun. Each step in a person's development should be taken at a speed which is suitable for there age and ability.

Maraqlar: Hello My name is Jojo
I am a teacher, Community Artist, Ceramicist, Dive Master and Singer
I have lots of sculptures on permanent display in the uk.
I live in England, UK
I like; People, animals, ecology and Vegetarian food
I dislike; Shopping
I like to travel, I have visited more than 40 different countries

Təhsil: I have a Certificate in Education (Post 16) from John Moores University Liverpool. I have a TESOL/TEFL certificate.

Danışılan Dillər: ingiliscə (Yerli )

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