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전문 분야: Writer

강사 경력: During my childhood, my mother was a junior high librarian. Being in the library around so many wonderful books, instilled in me, a life-long love for erudition. I also found great joy in helping others with their research and projects.

During certain parts of my life, I have worked as a caregiver, and have enjoyed reading to the wonderful elders that I was blessed to work with.

In college, I tutored a number of bilingual children and did so for many years.

관심 분야: The happiest part of my day is the time I spend with my pet rabbit whose name is Bounce. He can come to his name on command and can also do tricks! Bounce can turn in a circle, stand on his hind legs, and "give me a kiss"!

I seem to always be creating things. I've built a tiny house on wheels and have a quaint little homestead tucked back in some woods. Currently, I'm crafting a wooden bunny carrier, welding a wood-burning stove, and reupholstering a vintage couch.

학력: Bachelor of Science. The Art Institue of Portland. Design Research.

Reading! On average I've read two books a week for the past five years in an effort to research the topic of the book that I am writing.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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