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Профессия: Artist
Visual Arts
Acrylic Painting

Preschool Teacher
Plan and implement lessons for preschool students.

Youth Worker
Plan and implement recreational activities for youth ages 8 - 12.

Опыт преподавания: I've provided one-on-one tutoring for people learning to speak English in the past.
I have also studied languages and through my travels have been in situations where I have had to speak another language or have had to navigate in other ways when I did not speak the language. This experience, I believe, puts me in a unique position to help you achieve your goals in learning to speak English.

Интересы: So far I have visited 13 countries in Africa, Europe, Central America, and South America. I have also lived in Namibia and The Netherlands. I've enjoyed learning about various cultures from people around the world and have experienced the joy and challenges of communicating with people in their own language. So, I understand what you might be feeling as you learn to speak English.

I am an artist who loves nature, taking walks, and hiking. I enjoy learning about various animals and I especially enjoy observing them in their natural habitat. My other great loves are spending time with my family, practicing kitchen herbalism, and learning to garden.

Образование: Master's Degree
Employment and Labor

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка), испанский (Базовый уровень)

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