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Ryan E Henderson

Professiya: Online Banking Specialist

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: 3 months: English centre, BSC Edinburgh. I taught small groups of adults, primarily refugees with the aim of giving them English they could use in their everyday lives.
9 months: High school Thailand. We did exam preparation with a particular focus on speaking. I organised and prepared all the resources for each lesson and was directly involved with gradings.
6 months: online teaching: I currently teach Chinese students aged between 3 and 12

Maraqlar: I love sports. My friends and I take part in a 5-a-side football tournament every weekend. We haven't won any games yet but it is a lot of fun. I like reading about the world. I'm really interested in politics, in particular Russian politics. I love horror films and just discussing film interests in general.

Təhsil: B.A. 2:1 in History and Central and Eastern European Studies

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli ), tay (İlkin ), fransız (Danışıq Səviyyəsində ), çin (İlkin )

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