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michael luurtsem

Профессия: Managing Director.

Опыт преподавания: I have taught Scuba Diving for 10 years, teaching people of all ages from 8 years old through to people in their 60's. I have experience teaching English in Thailand to staff for a hotel chain. I used to help the staff improve their English proficiency by holding basic conversations with them throughout the day, it was not a classroom setting but more of an on the job, experience based learning, to improve confidence.

Интересы: I love to travel, I haven't done as much travelling as i would like recently, but i do love to explore new ways of life and new cultures. I am a big football fan, I enjoy both playing and watching, I support Watford FC in England. I also enjoy water sports and I am a keen scuba diver. Meeting new people and learning from different people's experiences is a big part of what i do for work and I am extremely fortunately to be able to meet people from all over the World.

Образование: I am a fully qualified and registered Open Water Scuba Instructor with PADI, i completed my training at Crystal Dive Centre, Thailand. I hold a TEFL certification to Teach English and I am also a Level 1 FIFA qualified football coach, which I studied for through Watford FC Academy.

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка), тайский (Разговорный уровень)

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