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Jeffrey Gillen

전문 분야: Teaching English to Intermediate & Advanced Level Students - from building vocabulary to teaching grammar and perfecting pronunciation.

강사 경력: I have 28 years of experience in creating unique brands, starting with the birth of Austin, Texas' first digital type foundry in 1995. I have provided creative and branding services to Pfizer, Chili's, Southwest Airlines, University of Texas - McCombs School of Business, How Magazine, Rolling Stone, Hasbro Interactive, Enviromedia, GSD&M, the U.S. Olympic Committee, Whole Foods, Volkswagen, Martin Marietta, Koch Industries, Harbor Financial Corporations, Viacom, MTV, and many other companies.

관심 분야: I was born to teach. I have excellent creative and technical writing skills. I have an outgoing personality, a great sense of humor, a calm demeanor; and a personalized and goal-oriented teaching style. My professional interests include Branding and Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Font & Typography Design, Photography, Website Design. My passion is creating new brands for startups and entrepreneurs, inventors, nerds and visionary brainiacs.

학력: 1986 - 1990 - Business & Marketing - studying for a Bachelor's Degree at the University of North Texas. I excelled in both Creative and Technical writing; Business, Marketing, and Graphic Design. I completed my Associate's Degree in Visual Communications at The Art Institute of Houston; in total, nearly 6 years of college education with a 3.5 GPA and am excellent at communications - both verbal and visual.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 스페인어 (유창함)

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