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Joann Sifontes

전문 분야: Online English Teacher
English Language Instruction
SkimaTalk (adult Japanese students), Langu (students from Europe), and a private student.

Native English Teacher
English Language Instruction
South Korea -- (2 years in a private academy, 4 years in public schools, all ages) -- Poland -- (8 months in Kołobrzeg and Koszalin, students teen - 75)

강사 경력: Taught in South Korea for about 6 years, Poland for 1 year, and online for 2+ years.

관심 분야: - I love to learn languages and learn about other countries and cultures. History fascinates me.
- My hobbies are watching YouTube, reading, learning languages, traveling, and eating!
- I lived in 3 countries outside the USA: Austria as a German student, Korea as an English teacher, and Poland as an English teacher.
- I have traveled to +/- 20 countries.

학력: B.A. in Archaeology and International Studies
I studied archaeology, focusing on the countries and their histories from the Bible.
I also studied International Studies with an emphasis on the German language, history, and culture.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 스페인어 (원어민), 독일어 (초중급), 한국어 (기초 수준), 폴란드어 (기초 수준), 포르투갈어 (기초 수준)

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