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Silvia G K

Professiya: College Student

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: Through-out my degree I had 4 different experiences teaching art in a primary school, a secondary school (high school), and at third level education.
I also took part in a volunteer project in Tunisia teaching English to children between the ages of seven to twelves years old. I planned and delivered the lessons, teaching English through art, music, and drama.

Maraqlar: I have a multi-cultural background having been born in Finland and having lived in Brazil. I moved to Ireland at a young age, and having lived here for over 15 years, English has become my first language and I have a subtle Irish accent. I can also understand Finnish, and speak Brazilian Portuguese fluently (my mother is Brazilian).
I just graduated college with a degree in Fine Art (yes, I'm an artist).

Təhsil: Bachelors Degree in Fine Art Media

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli ), portuqal (Səlis), fransız (İlkin ), fin (İlkin ), yapon (İlkin )

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