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Ebonie Jayne Cli

Professiya: I currently do private speaking classes from home and I´m a dental nurse.

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: When I was younger I used to teach Spanish children in my home town ( I began with my friends children) once people got to know me I got really busy and started to work in a primary school teaching all different classes of all different ages (from 3-14 y/o) I did this for a couple of years until I moved away to study then i started to work in an English academy in a city where I was living, here I taught mostly children but I also had a few adult groups that were learning B1 and B2.

Maraqlar: Hello everyone! My name is Ebonie, I´m 26 years old. I´m from England but i have lived in Spain for 22 years.
I love travelling, cooking (trying to cook!) , fashion, sports (crossfit, one to one...) also, during the lockdown I realised that I also really like gardening!
I also love my family and friends and spending time with them playing games, especially monopoly at Christmas

Təhsil: -Secondry school.
-Baccalaureate degree.
-Certificate of Higher Education (HNC) In Dental Nursing
-C2 in Spanish
- This year I´m going to begin a Bachelor´s Degree in Dentistry

Danışılan Dillər: ingiliscə (Yerli ), ispanca (Yerli ), fransızca (İlkin )

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