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Sara E

Nghề nghiệp: Teacher, 2nd Grade
I taught English Language Arts and Math to 2nd grade students in an online environment in 2020-2021.

Kinh nghiệm giảng dạy: Elementary School Teacher, 2nd Grade.
One-to-one English language tutor
Small group tutoring in the high school and elementary school setting.

Sở thích: I am a homebody at heart and I enjoy knitting, sewing, gardening, reading and teaching.
Every once in a great while I will venture out and explore the world. I have traveled across China, and I have been to most of the 50 states. I love road trips to National Parks in the summertime. My favorite park is Zion Nat. Park.

Giáo dục: K-5 Special Education Teacher
I also teach in the special education setting.

Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Bản ngữ)

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