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Savannah M

Nghề nghiệp: I currently do online freelance admin, communication strategy and systems creation for small businesses

Kinh nghiệm giảng dạy: Wherever I have worked, I have been the one asked to explain things, or to prepare communications to train and brief new team members. I have a great ability to connect with people 1-on-1, to explain things clearly and simply, and to stay focussed and connected with the person I am teaching to see how best I can facilitate their learning. I am patient and invested in understanding where a student is coming from, their needs and goals, so I can best support them in achieving these outcomes.

Sở thích: I am passionate about businesses that are making a difference in the world, showing that it is possible to be profitable while caring for people and the planet. I love experimenting and making delicious plant-based meals for families and friends, learning to make my own kombucha, sourdough, naturally fermented vegetables, as well as living in an eco-friendly natural way. I love meaningful movies that inspire and learning how to improve my communication skills.

Giáo dục: Bachelor of Science, an ILTA eTEFL certification, Results Coaching Systems certified Stage 1 Coach, number of 3-4 days workshops in the areas of facilitation, sales and marketing with Success Resources, Barry Mitchell (Sales Explosion Workshop), Peter Sage.

Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Bản ngữ), Tiếng Afrikaans (Cơ bản)

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