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전문 분야: Teacher at a primary school in London

강사 경력: Teacher at a Primary school in London (2019-present)

English in Action teacher in Japan, Russia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and Bulgaria (2013-2019)

English Language Teacher • Lead Teacher ( 1year)
Golden Maple Institute – Taiyuan, China
I was awarded the "Honorary Credential Award for best teacher" at Golden Maple, Taiyuan, China

관심 분야: I am a keen, goal-orientated individual who is always looking to improve skills and abilities in order to be successful. My key skills include excellent communication, time management and coping under pressure.

I love teaching English, yoga, reading, and baking!

학력: Bachelor of Arts degree in Law (Brunel University, London)
CERT-TESOL (Trinity) (Tefl Lab, London 160+hours)

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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