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Beth S

Kinh nghiệm giảng dạy: I'm a professional communicator (television news, radio personality, traveling marketer). I don't have formal teaching experience but I've worked with students in other ways: a volunteer language tutor, a reader in preschool and elementary school classrooms and working with a civic organization for school-age girls. My father was a longtime English teacher and later a librarian, so I learned English from the best!

Sở thích: I love to travel (doesn't everybody?!) but I'm also a "home body". So I manage a large vegetable garden (large, considering it's all in containers), enjoy experimenting with new recipes, and watching movies, sports and great entertaining shows on TV. I've got grown kids, three cats, I've enjoyed hundreds of visits to our local theme parks and attractions -- and lots of other amazing adventures (like the time we hauled the family camper trailer from Orlando to the Grand Canyon and back)

Giáo dục: BS: Broadcast News
Writing and Journalism
Minor: Public Speaking

Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Bản ngữ)

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