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Harry Carter

Meslek: Primary & Secondary School English Teacher
Teaching English as a second language to primary and secondary school students (ages 6-13)

Freelance English Teacher
in person and online. Conversational English, Grammar, Pronunciation and Business English including: groups of students in college, business professionals (including an international Pharmaceutical company), and one-on-one students.

Hospitality and Tourism
Sous-Chef at a particular Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant. Responsibilities included creating dishes for the seasonal menu, taking inventory, and supervising junior staff members.

Öğretmenlik Deneyimi: Legal Assistant at TMH Law Firm, 2017-2018

Sous Chef, Heart Beet Kitchen, 2018

English Teacher at VCV Vietnam August 2018 - December 2019

English Teacher at Cleverlearn, Hanoi, Viet Nam, January 2020- Present

İlgi Alanları: I'm a teacher. I have a neutral accent. I love music, art and sports. I'm here to meet people, have conversations, and I can also help you with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary (if that's what you'd like). Students say I'm friendly, and a good listener. I love learning, talking about languages & studying languages. Give me a call if you want to talk about life, yourself, or learn more about English.

Eğitim: Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy & Minor in English
English Language Instruction, Visual Arts
My major was Philosophy with a minor in English. I also studied ceramic arts. My focuses in English were literature and education. My focuses in Philosophy were Philosophy of Language, Linguistics, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, and Existentialism.

Certification in Real Estate Sales
After University, I took a college level seminar on Real Estate, and obtained a certification in Real Estate Sales and Practice.

Konuştuğu Diller: İngilizce (Ana dil), Vietnamca (Günlük Konuşma), İspanyolca (Temel), la (Temel)

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