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Adriana BD

Nghề nghiệp: Journalist, Photographer, Social Media Manager

Kinh nghiệm giảng dạy: English to Spanish translations for written press, magazine articles and web material.

English and French tutor for small children (afterschool help with homework and tests)
Santiago, DR.

Teacher assistant for summer camps in Garabatos School, Santiago, DR.

Sở thích: Hi, my name is Adriana. I'm very into sports, culture, dancing, education and writing. I've worked as a english tutor before and I've done english translations for press and magazines.

Giáo dục: TEFL Professional Development Institute
B.A. Social Communications
Colegio Dominicano , Santiago DR
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre & Maestra
Instituto Cultural Dominico-Americano
Alianza Francesa de Santiago

Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh (Bản ngữ)

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