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전문 분야: Online Teacher
I have taught online ESL students since 2006. I have been with Cambly since February of 2020. I also teach students independently using google hangouts. Lastly, I am in the public education system.

강사 경력: **MESSAGE ME IF YOU CANNOT FIND AN OPENING IN MY SCHEDULE* I welcome all students to my online class. If you are shy or nervous about speaking English, I will help you overcome that shyness. My teaching method includes patience and kindness. If you have children, I have access to a reading website containing over 30,000 books. For the adults, my lessons will be daily news, grammar practice, everyday English. Watch your confidence level grow!

관심 분야: My teaching style is tailored to current interests, culture, music, fitness, movies, politics, travel, and animals. I live in the northwestern part of the United States.I am married and have two adult sons. Our family enjoys taking trips to the mountains, beautiful lakes and camping, I am currently assisting a student in learning 3000 new words for her TOEFL test, a few at a time! Let me help you too! If you learn only 5 new words a day, that's 1825 new words in a year!! SEND ME A MESSAGE

학력: Bachelor of Arts
I graduated with a degree in Education. I care about your future and your success.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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