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전문 분야: Online English Language Tutor

강사 경력: I've 6+ years of experience teaching English as a second language (ESL/TEFL) in both online and offline settings. I'm also an experienced private tutor. I've worked for companies based in China, Thailand and France. The youngest student I ever taught was 3, the oldest was nearly 90! I've taught full classes, small groups and 1-on-1 sessions. I've had thousands of hours of practice!

관심 분야: My hobbies are martial arts (BJJ and Muay Thai), reading (science fiction / fantasy / history / philosophy), circus arts (contact juggling), playing lot of musical instruments (mostly badly), and writing. I've lived abroad since I finished university (a long time ago) - I like moving from country to country, although I'm now settled in the Netherlands. I have a lot of stories and insights to share, and I'm always trying to learn from other people too!

학력: CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Adults) - Cambridge University ; Bachelors Degree (Archaeology BSc) - Cardiff University

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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