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Jake Page

전문 분야: I was a full time English teacher for the past 7 years and now I'm a food tour guide in the south of Brazil.

강사 경력: I have been teaching English for 7 years, mainly in Spain. I have also taught in China and in India for 3 months in each place.
My main area of expertise is in preparing students for official Cambridge and Trinity exams.
I have taught children from the ages of 6 all the way up to adults that are looking to improve their public speaking abilities.

관심 분야: I love cooking, learning languages, doing CrossFit and reading history and non-fiction. I consume an average of 2.5 podcast episodes every day on an array of topics such as, current affairs, American football, science, comedy, economics, writing and travelling. I'm learning how to play the banjo and I'm studying to get an IT certification.

학력: I have a Bachelors degree in Art from the University of the Basque country (UPV-EHU)

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 스페인어 (원어민), 포르투갈어 (초중급), 중국어 (기초 수준)

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