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Fiona C.

Öğretmenlik Deneyimi: - Bachelor's degree in Psychology
- Casual conversations
- Ran a youth hostel so I'm very used to talking to people with different backgrounds
- Talkative - we can chat about anything!
- Currently in Peru!

İlgi Alanları: Hey! こんにちは! 你好!¡Hola! Oi! I'm originally from Hong Kong and I went to school in Australia. I'm currently travelling in Latin America. I'm a native speaker of Chinese and English, fluent in Spanish, and I'm learning Japanese and Portuguese. So trust me, I know how it is to be learning a second language as an adult. I have previously worked at a youth hostel and in psychological research. We can talk about travelling, cultures, psychology, philosophy, art, music, food or anything that interests you! I also run a travel YouTube channel on the side, and I'm preparing for a podcast, so feel free to ask me about those. I look forward to talking to you! :)

你好!我來自香港,高中和大學時期是在澳洲生活的。 我在大學時主修心理學。我曾經在一家青年旅館工作,另外,我亦從事過研究的工作。 在2019年,我開始在拉丁美洲旅行。 目前我住在南美洲哥倫比亞。 我的母語是廣東話和英文,我也能說流利的西班牙語,以及在學習日文和葡萄牙語。 我十分期待與你交談!

Konuştuğu Diller: İngilizce (Ana dil), Çince (Ana dil), İspanyolca (Akıcı), Portekizce (Temel), Fransızca (Temel), Japonca (Temel)

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