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Karen Yarrow

Профессия: Autism specialist, mainly working with adults and young people with Aspergers syndrome, previous to that 10 years of art based work

Опыт преподавания: Teaching communication skills to people with autism. Helping international students, studying in the UK, with their degree courses (both written and spoken English language use) Teaching English in Bulgaria to children and adults in informal settings.

Интересы: I live in Bulgaria, in a tiny village up high in the wild Balkan mountains. Nobody else lives in the village, just me! I live with two dogs and 4 cats and it's very, very quiet! So one of the most important things for me living here is music, I love music and I'm always looking for something new to listen to, so let me know who your favorite song, or singer is and I'll listen to them! I also love film and watch a lot of movies.

People are very important to me, I am very grateful for my family and my friends and I love meeting new people so teaching online is a great way for me to do this. I also love nature and walk every day in the forests around my house. I also like gardening, herbal medicine, politics, art, psychology and learning about different cultures and folklore.
I have been learning the Bulgarian language for the past four years now, so I know what it feels like for you Cambly students who are learning English! It's so important to practice and even if I still make mistakes, I really love being able to have a conversation with local people and friends here in my new Bulgarian language.

Oh, and I'm also learning to cook....so maybe you have some cooking tips or a favorite recipe to share with me?

Образование: BSc Applied Psychology. PG Dip in Psychological Research. PG Cert in Statistics and Applied Research Skills. TEFL certificate with TEFL UK.

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)

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