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Adam J G

전문 분야: ESL Teacher

강사 경력: I have been teaching English since May, 2018. I started out in Spain while I was volunteering in a mountain retreat near the town of Lorca. From September 2018 onward I have been teaching in various schools and language centers in Hanoi, Vietnam. I have taught students of all abilities from the ages of three all the way up to seventeen. I also teach children online via an app.

관심 분야: Music- I play guitar and bass and spent seven years working as a professional musician. I enjoy many different styles of music, I also write, record and produce.

Magic- I have studied magic and mind reading for over fifteen years. I have performed both close-up and stage magic.

Food- I enjoy both eating it and cooking it.

Travel- I love to experience different cultures and places.

History- A fascinating subject, especially ancient Egypt.

+Movies, Art, Current Affairs, Science, Nature.

학력: In England I attended school and college, I have GCSEs and A-Levels. I completed the first year of International Relations at Nottingham Trent University. I also hold a TEFL certificate.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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