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Julia S

Professiya: Student Clinician
English Language Instruction
I have clients through university with various communication disorders and some accent modification clients. I have a supervisor that gives me feedback after each session.

Spanish Tutor
I have several private students that I teach Spanish to and I also tutor Spanish for my university. I used to tutor high school students in Spanish for three years when I was completing my 4-year degrees.

Undergraduate Researcher
Research and Development
I worked for a language lab for 2 years that studied American dialects and how they are distinct from disorders.

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: - English teaching assistant for 3rd-grade students in Spain
- Degrees in Speech Therapy and Spanish
- Current Master's student with Speech Therapy clients
- Spanish tutor for high school students for three years
- Conversation Partner for speakers of Spanish and Portuguese

Maraqlar: I love music, I play the violin and the guitar, and I sing in an a cappella group. I love traveling and have lived in Spain twice for a total of 1.5 years. I myself am a language learner and am actively learning German and French currently (but I speak Spanish, Portuguese, American Sign Language, and Italian as well) so I know what it means to learn a language and how difficult it can be. I also love linguistics and teaching students how to improve their grammar and pronunciation!

Təhsil: Speech and Hearing Science B.A.
English Language Instruction
I have a 4-year degree in Speech and Hearing Science, which is related to linguistics and communication disorders. I help people who have problems with their speech, language, voice, fluency, or want help with their accent.

Spanish Language
I have a 4-year degree in Spanish language, including linguistics and literature.

Bilingual Speech Pathology M.S.
I am currently studying to get my Master's of Science in Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology to help with any sort of communication disorder or accent.

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli ), ispan (Səlis), portuqal (Danışıq Səviyyəsində ), italyan (Danışıq Səviyyəsində ), fransız (Danışıq Səviyyəsində ), alman (İlkin )

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