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Marissa Anastasia

Professiya: Professional Artist and part-time child caretaker.

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: My teaching experience originates from training people in customer service and hospitality management. My other experience comes from instructing paint and art classes for groups of all ages. Each class, every individual began with a blank canvas and it was my responsibility to guide them step by step until they reached a finished masterpiece. I enthusiastically encouraged people to express themselves freely, as everyone is unique and approaches creativity differently. Since most students were too doubtful or afraid of failing, I would rotate around the room and give individual assistance and reassurance. Teaching art was an eye-opening practice and a kickstart to my passion for helping people. Within the last ten years, I have been a nanny for families with young children. I have assisted each child with their homework, helped teach the youngest kids the alphabet, participated in activities that included spelling and pronunciation practice, answered any questions they had to the best of my ability, and read to them at least once a day. Throughout my time as a nanny, I strictly enforced that expressing yourself in a healthy way is a very important thing and communicating coincides with that.

Maraqlar: My utmost enjoyment in life is expressing myself through art. I work with various mediums, including acrylic paint, watercolors, oil paint, markers, pens, charcoal, and graphite. If I am not painting or drawing you will most likely find me sewing, making clothes, crafting, or most recently, creating digital art. Any hands-on artistic projects will have my undying attention. I also love to read and write. I enjoy poetry, philosophy, informative, and suspenseful novels. If there is an opportunity to learn something new I am very open-minded. I love nature and exploring the world. Recently, I have done a lot of traveling and visited nine countries. I will be traveling a lot more in the near future and my goal is to meet, befriend, exchanges languages, and interview locals around the globe. I am now a part of a program called Workaway, which provides me opportunities to live with different families all over the map and deliver services in any way I can. If there is one thing I want to achieve in life, it is to educate myself as much as possible with different cultures and ways of life while also helping many people along the way.

Təhsil: In the process of obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, four year Masonry certification.

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli )

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