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Evan Bhisaj

전문 분야: Cook, Clinical Massage

강사 경력: Aside from tutoring English in High School (mostly Writing and Comprehension), I began teaching English in Mexico to various travelers and locals with differing levels of expertise and experience -- including conversation, grammar, pronunciation, vocab, and slang and colloquialisms from the US.

Depending on the goals and desires of the student, I am capable of giving homework, vocab lists, exercises etc. I sometimes use reading material, tongue twisters for pronunciation, and more if desired.

관심 분야: Music, Travelling, Yoga, Meditation, Massage Therapy and Natural Medicine, Martial Arts, Food, Relationships, Philosophy, Tarot, Video Games, Guitar, Language (duh)

Spirituality, Reiki, Psychology and Emotional/Mental Healing, Film, Cinema and Photography, Art...

학력: After graduating High School (mainly focusing on English Writing and Comprehension), I went to school for Film and Cinematography -- earning certificates in Cinema History and Cinema Production.

I am also starting school for Clinical/Medical/Therapeutic Massage this semester.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)