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megan angles

전문 분야: I am currently a full time Online English teacher.

강사 경력: I started my online teaching journey with 2 ESL students as a part time job. I enjoyed it so much that I later took the leap from the corporate world to full time online teaching to Chinese students. Over the 4 years of doing online teaching I have experience in 1V1, 1V4, 1V6, 1V12, Group classes and IELTS Exam preparation. My students age ranges from 3 up until 40 years of age with different needs and personalities.

관심 분야: I'm interested in mosaic, taking my dog to the beach, travel and making memories. Other than becoming a teacher, my most memorable memories are from traveling and making new friends across the world. I love exchanging my way of life with theirs, that way learning and seeing new things. I believe one is never too old to learn something new and perhaps change your way of thinking.

학력: Diploma in Tourism Management
Level 5 168 hour TEFL certificate
20 hour classroom training certificate

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 아프리칸스어 (유창함)

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