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Veronica ES

Meslek: I am an ESL online teacher; previously, I trained horses.

Öğretmenlik Deneyimi: I have taught in many different situations. I have taught at museums, art centers, continuing education for my local university. I have taught and enjoy teaching all ages.

İlgi Alanları: My main interests lay in teaching English as a second language online, training horses, art/crafts, and of course, my family. My interests are varying and changing. I have one life on this earth, and I like knowing all about it. I love books (mainly non-fiction) and geology. I enjoy social history from around the world. I love to know how people make things; both in the past and now.

Eğitim: I have an associates of science degree in Equine Science, a bachelors of arts degree in Fine Art with minors in Applied Linguistics and Humanities. I study computer programming as a hobby as time allows. Love books. Some skills I have are in crafts such as fiber arts (weaving/knitting/etc), pottery and photography to name a few of the areas I have studied. I plan to begin working on several paintings and sculptures once I have my studio set up. My main occupation is teaching English online.

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