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Elly R

Professiya: Homeschool Tutor

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: I have 2+ years of experience tutoring college students on a subject that most people groan about - Math! I've mentored and taught students specifically in statistics and research methods for both Psychology and Sociology. Fun fact: I've also taught children ages 3-5 in multiple early learning centers and I currently teach home school to a 3rd-grader and a 5th-grader.

Maraqlar: I love talking about cooking and food! I am an avid tea drinker, a beginner in watercolor painting and I'm trying to learn piano and guitar. I can also tell some really funny stories about my travels.

Təhsil: I graduated from Berry College in Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Danışılan Dillər: ingiliscə (Yerli )