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Lecrisha P

Professione: Business Services Consultant

Esperienza di insegnamento: Previously, I have worked as a teacher with a number of different students from around the globe who were interested in taking and/or enrolled in my ESL (English as a Second Language) and Conversational English courses. Those courses, along with any accompanying coursework and materials, were developed, by me, with a general outline as the framework and foundation, upon which the courses themselves were tailored and customized to fit the individual needs and goals of each of my students, from scratch.. Further alterations and adjustments would then be made, taking under consideration such factors as: age of the student, current level of knowledge and ability, any previously completed coursework or work-related experience, the final goals or accomplishments each student hoped to achieve upon successful completion of my custom designed coursework, and also, the individual hobbies and interests of each of my students.

Moving forward to today, I still continue to teach in some capacity or another in my current role as a consultant. Whether it be in employee training/education, streamlining and teaching the onboarding process for a client's new hires, new customers, or new departments, or perhaps even by providing my clients with in-depth one-on-one consulting sessions between myself and their managers, developers, programmers, and app designers in an effort to instill within those individuals certain skills and techniques I've developed throughout my years of experience that will help them to discover, innovate, create, evolve, and expand crucial and critical areas of their company, paving the way for growth, improvement, and positive change.

Interessi: Science, computers, web and android app development, design, and testing, new technologies, growth hacking, current events, music, world history and culture, identification and acquisition of talent and resources, entrepreneurship, and new startups.

Istruzione: Southwestern University, B.A. Operations Management

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua)