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Pania L

Professiya: Teacher

Müəllimlik Təcrübəsi: 2015-2016 Online Teacher, Tropica Native
Online teaching for max 6 students per 45 min class.

2012-2015 Translator, Technician & Support Agent,, &
Solving technical issues, translating, working as an editor and customer service agent.

2007-2012 Multi-Lingual Technical Support Administrator at SYKES, Shannon, Ireland
Technical and pre/post-sales support for laptops, desktops and tablets.
I was responsible for the line, trained new recruits and was assisting other lines.

1998-2006 Teaching and Coaching in Bangkok
I owned and managed my own Teaching Agency as well as provided corporate training, coached government officials and tutored children. I have experience in compiling curricula, designing training courses and development planning. I also worked full time and on contract basis as a teacher in several International and Thai schools in Bangkok area.

Maraqlar: My daughter, dancing, healthy lifestyle, Public speaking and personal development.

Təhsil: 2014 Training Delivery & Evaluation, (Train The Trainer), 6N3326, Fetac6, Limerick Ireland
2014 Training Needs Identification and Design, (Train The Trainer), 6N3325, Fetac6, Limerick Ireland
2006 Certificate in Teaching English Language, Cambridge, UK
2005 Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Grade A, The TEFL Institute, Thailand
1993-1996 Bachelors in Arts & Education, CVU Syd, Denmark
Graphic techniques, web design, market campaigns and product strategies and certified to work as a graphic designer and art teacher. I achieved the highest marks in college history in graphic techniques.

Danışılan Dillər: ingilis (Yerli )

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